Trusted Silicon Stratus is currently in closed beta. Please contact us if you would like to participate.


OpTrust offers microelectronics developers guidance about the optimal test strategies required to ensure the trustworthiness of their designs. The focus of this assessment is ensuring the design is free from Hardware Trojans. OpTrust supplies designers with a simple interface for inputting design criticality information. It supplies results as prescriptions, which are workflows and coverage goals for verification and trust tools that are necessary to use at that criticality level. 


  • Assessment guidance software that uses a game-theoretic solution strategy to prescribe the optimal hardware Trojan detection methods for a design given information on its criticality

  • TRL: 2-3

Threat/Lifecycle stage

  • Design stage: Goal is to guide hardware developers to create trusted designs from the beginning and reduce or eliminate post-Physical-synthesis testing and reverse engineering requirements

Data – Ingested/Generated/post-processing/results

  • Off-Cloud Pre-Computation

    • Ingests: Threat, red-team, and test data

    • Performs: Game-Theory based calculation of optimal play

    • Generates: Indexed table of prescriptions

  • In-Cloud Guidance

    • Ingests: User-provided design criticality and design stage information

    • Generates: Prescriptions of tools to run and coverage to accomplish

Measure of effectiveness

  • The tool is meant to optimize the most hardware Trojan detection for the least cost

Alpha/Beta Test performed

  • Alpha testing has included game solutions for likely scenarios

Use Case

  • Each DTE designer with a hardware Trojan mitigation requirement will use the tool to select a compliant mitigation strategy, which will be composed of other DTE performer’s tools and techniques

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