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Ansys Fluent

Ansys Fluent fluid simulation software offers advanced physics modeling capabilities and industry leading accuracy, allowing the creation of advanced physics models and analyzation of a variety of fluids phenomena. Fluent provides all the tools needed to design and optimize new equipment and to troubleshoot existing installations.

The versatile technology offers insight into how a product design will behave in the real world, all before a single prototype is built. To provide high productivity, the Ansys Workbench™ platform directly couples with your CAD software and automatically extracts and meshes fluid volumes. You control this easy- to-perform operation via a small set of parameters; the yield is the high-quality meshes critical for both accurate and fast CFD simulation.

Witin the Fluent package, spec availability include:

                     Task-Based Workflows          Turbulence Modeling           Single and Multiphase Flows

                     Reduced Order Models          Shape Optimization           Fluid-Structure Interaction


With the newly launched Ansys 2023 R1, engineers can simulate more complex products faster than ever via new cloud options and optimized use of multiple graphics processing units (GPUs). With Fluent, this release showcases how to reduce simulation solve time, address sustainability challenges in the hydrogen value chain, build custom workflows, and more.

  • Run broad spectrum of complex industrial applications natively on GPUs substantially reducing solve
    time and total power consumption.
  • A new embedded workflow for parametric design optimization and morphing enables to run
    parametric studies and design optimization.
  • Perform advanced electronics cooling analyses that can include condensation, evaporation and more,
    with a new direct ECAD workflow for printed circuit board (PCB).
  • Generate photo-realistic renderings of your simulations with live preview, custom environments,
    material editor, light presets, etc.

Tools that are installed as part of this product include:

  • PREPPOST_2023R3

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