OpTrust offers microelectronics developers guidance about the optimal test strategies required to ensure the trustworthiness of their designs.

RISC-V Tools

RISC-V is a free and open ISA enabling a new era of processor innovation through open standard collaboration.

Real Intent

Real Intent® provides intent-driven static signoff tools to accelerate early functional verification of digital designs, leading the industry in precision, performance, and capacity.

Synopsys - Pilot Activity

Synopsys is an EDA tool. 

SRHEC Parts Library

The Strategic Radiation Hardened Electronics Parts Library acts as an enabler for electronics part commonality for DOD strategic/space programs, while providing access to a DOD-wide electronics Qualified Parts List (QPL) and requisite supporting data.

Mentor - Army

A mentor product containing the Questa Formal Suite.

Synopsys - Training

A Synopsys installation for training

Cadence SVG

Cadence System & Verification Group

Cadence DSG

Cadence Digital Design & Signoff Group

Cadence CPG

Custom IC & PCB Group

Cadence Palladium Pipeline

Cadence System & Verification Group Palladium Pipeline

Ansys Lumerical + KLayout

Ansys Lumerical's Photonic Multiphysics Simulation tools enable seamless workflows to model optical, electrical, thermal and quantum effects at the physical level. With the addition of simulation flow tool KLayout.


Cycuity enables comprehensive security verification throughout the entire lifecycle of  development, so organizations can detect security vulnerabilities before manufacturing

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