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Ansys Lumerical+KLayout

Ansys Lumerical's comprehensive suite of photonics simulation and analysis tools offers component-level and system-level simulations to optimize performance, minimize physical prototyping costs and reduce time-to-market. Enhanced design flows enable designers with compact models calibrated to leading foundry processes.

Ansys Lumerical enables the design of photonics components, circuits, and systems. Device and system level tools work together seamlessly allowing designers to model interacting optical, electrical, and thermal effects. Flexible interoperability between products enables a variety of workflows that combine device multiphysics and photonic circuit simulation with third-party design automation and productivity tools. Python-based automation and flows for building and using compact models support the industry’s leading foundries.

The KLayout interoperability is a layout driven simulation flow initiated by Professor Lukas Chrostowski from the University of British Columbia under the SiEPIC project. This interoperability includes several packages:

  • SiEPIC-Tools: a package for integrated photonics layout, design, and verification.
  • Ansys Lumerical: a dependent-package of SiEPIC-Tools. It allows users to directly export circuit layouts to INTERCONNECT for simulations.
Virtuoso Custom IC, Analog, and RF Design

The 2022 R2 release of Ansys Lumerical introduces a series of powerful new capabilities to extend usability, accuracy, performance, and functionality across its family of products.

  • Developments to optical solver cores and HPC performances
  • New workflows for modeling a variety of sub-wavelength structures in Lumerical optical solvers and then optimizing the macro-scale design in Zemax to see how it looks to a human using Speos
  • Improved simulation workflows for EAMs and LEDs with multi-quantum wells, as well as for single-photon avalanche photodetectors
  • Streamlined design of photonic devices and circuits by using the new capabilities in our process-aware custom component design flow and EPDA flow
  • Advancements to INTERCONNECT and Photonic Verilog-A models generated by CML Compiler.
  • New qINTERCONNECT solver for modeling quantum behavior in photonic integrated circuits

The KLayout simulation flow tool that is installed as part of this product include:

  • klayout-0.27.11

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