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Siemens OneSpin

Product Overview

This major product release contains OneSpin Questa StaticFormal (formely known as OneSpin360) versions 2023.4_2 and 2024.1 as well as QuestaSim Prime versions 2023.3 and 2023.3_2 respectively.

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Questa StaticFormal (OneSpin360) offers:

Design Verification

  • 360 DV-INSPECT
    Automatic and exhaustive analysis of a code base for classic implementation problems

  • 360 DV-VERIFY
    Unified, coverage-driven assertion-based verification, including a full automated apps library

  • 360 DV-CERTIFY
    Unique detection of errors and omissions in requirements specification and verification plan

  • 360 EC-FPGA
    Functional correctness of FPGA synthesis from RTL code to final netlist

  • 360 EC-ASIC
    ASIC synthesis verification from RTL code to final netlist

  • 360 EC-RTL
    Sequential equivalence checking between RTL design revisions

Apps based DV-Inspect Platform or DV-Verify

    Structural Analysis, Safety Checks, Activation Checks

    Observation Coverage, Scoreboarding, Protocol Compliance, Register Checking, Connectivity Checking, X-Propagation Analysis, Operational SVA

    Fault Propagation Analysis, Arithmetic Analysis, Fault Injection App

    Security Verification, Specification Validation

Platform Overview

Download technical descriptions of OneSpin products and apps

OneSpin 360 Assertion Results Integration

Integrating the coverage metrics from complementary verification solutions such as simulation and formal is a known challenge especially when these have to be integrated into the verification planners for tracking completeness of the overall verification task. OneSpin provides a new tool to allow integration of the results of formal assertion runs into the verification plan allowing the end user to be able to visualize the integrated coverage results from simulation and formal in their planner of choice. The end user has the freedom to integrate results from OneSpin with simulation coverage generated from Synopsys VCS, Aldec Riviera-PRO and Mentor Questa and back annotate the results into the verification plan keeping track of the overall progress.

Download datasheet 360 Assertion Results Integration

OneSpin 360 EC-FPGA

The OneSpin 360 EC-FPGA™ solution ensures that advanced FPGA synthesis optimizations, used to achieve competitive functionality, performance, power consumption, and cost targets, do not introduce synthesis and optimization errors. It eliminates gate-level simulation, and finds corner-case design flow bugs. It supports all sequential synthesis optimizations including complex sequential retiming. 360 EC is in use at multiple companies, as an accuracy gold standard to test their design solutions.

Download datasheet 360 EC-FPGA

OneSpin 360 Fault Detection App

OneSpin’s Fault Detection App (FDA) automatically identifies faults that propagate to critical hardware signals (observation points) without being detected by any safety mechanism alarm (diagnostic points). These dangerous faults can be analyzed using an advanced debug environment that simultaneously visualizes both original and faulty designs, clearly showing how faults propagate to specific signals at certain cycles. Dangerous faults may reveal the need to modify safety mechanisms or provide additional ones.

Download datasheet 360 Fault Detection App

OneSpin 360 Fault Injection App

OneSpin’s Fault Injection App (FIA) automates the definition and handling of fault injection scenarios, removing the need for ad hoc verification flows or environments, thereby cutting on engineering effort and promoting reusability across projects and teams.

Download datasheet 360 Fault Injection App

OneSpin 360 Fault Propagation App

OneSpin’s Fault Propagation App (FPA) automates the injection and propagation analysis of random hardware faults, and rigorously identifies faults that cannot propagate to outputs or other user-defined observation points (safe faults). This App reduces the workload of fault simulators, and significantly improves diagnostic coverage with minimal engineering effort. The Fault Propagation App is an essential tool for anyone analysing the effect of faults on hardware designs.

Download datasheet  360 Fault Propagation App

OneSpin 360 Floating Point Verification

OneSpin’s Arithmetic Property Verification (APV) App is the industry’s first and only solution for the formal verification of complex hardware arithmetics, including floating-point hardware compliant to IEEE 754 standard. The APV App includes a reliable, extensively tested model of floating-point arithmetic operations, optimized for formal analysis. Engineers can setup the app within minutes and uncover deep, obscure corner case bugs with minimal effort. The proven ability of APV App to find bugs even on already verified production designs is testament to its maturity, effectiveness, and unprecedented exhaustive coverage of floating-point arithmetic operands.

Download datasheet 360 Floating Point Verification

OneSpin 360 DV-Inspect

360 DV-InspectTM automatically inspects the RTL code once it has been compiled, without the need for any testbench setup. This code inspection comprises structural and exhaustive formal analysis with interactive debugging, eliminating an extensive amount of early simulation and stimulus creation while identifying issues before they result in serious bugs. Thus, DV-Inspect lends itself as a sign-off criterion for handing off an RTL block to functional verification and integration into automated daily regression runs.

Download datasheet 360 DV-Inspect

OneSpin 360 DV-SC

High-Level Synthesis (HLS) transforms algorithmic and potentially untimed design models often written in SystemC and C++ to fully timed Register Transfer Level (RTL) design blocks. The primary verification requirement is to allow thorough verification of algorithmic code prior to synthesis, in order to ensure that the abstract algorithm implementation is tested and fully optimized against the original specification, as well as avoiding long debug cycles.

Download datasheet 360 DV-SC

OneSpin 360 DV-Verify

OneSpin 360 DV-VerifyTM extends DV- Inspect with coverage-driven Assertion- Based Verification (ABV). Many entry-level formal apps allow for assertion generation for specific problems without a need for deep formal knowledge. For AMBATM protocols, the Protocol Compliance Checking App allows for exhaustive verification of all protocol rules, including providing the needed protocol constraints and interesting cover points.

Download datasheet 360 DV-Verify

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OneSpin provides world wide training and support for its verification products. Our field application and support engineers are ready to engage with customers from any of our field locations around the world. They provide verification application expertise, advice on project planning and execution, as well as first class tool support.


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